As well as coming into your school to run creative audio workshops, we also run tailored training sessions for pupils and staff alike, giving all the skills required to produce your very own audio projects.

In either a single ‘crash course’ style session, or a more in depth series of practical, scenario led training classes we can cover the following topics:

• How to make professional recordings with no fuss
• The secret tips, tricks and techniques of audio editing
• How to choose a recording set up that works for your project – covering all conceivable scenarios!
• Recording something unusual? Phone interviews, music, jingles...
• What equipment do I need – a solution for all budgets
• How to get our final project finished with that all important pro-audio sheen!

For the training sessions, we bring along our full pop-up studio complete with a range of additional recording equipment giving you the chance to get to know the top equipment used in podcasting and audio. We also provide two laptops complete with Adobe Audition for the editing aspect of the course.

If you’ve already taken the plunge and have a school studio or recording equipment we’re happy to tailor the training around your set up.

On top of face to face practical sessions, we provide information packs for everybody who attends. These written resources are tailored to your audio training session and cover everything touched on during the class in easy to follow instructions complete with illustrations.

Get in touch with us on for a quote on an audio training course to suit your school’s needs.