"The children did a great job with the interviews & were so excited to play their podcast in assembly!" - Ms Sultana, Hollydale Primary School

Nothing beats the excitement and creativity involved in running a truly bespoke audio project with a school and its pupils.

With that in mind we want to hear from you with your ideas - however unusual, experimental or ambitious!

With our bespoke audio projects we collaborate with the school and pupils from the off, bringing our knowledge and experience in audio and radio to the table working to plan an educational, practical and memorable enterprise. Projects can be devised to suit children of all ages and abilities, and often take influence from topics covered across the curriculum.

As with all WordPlay workshops and projects, we bring along our pop-up studio complete with any other required audio equipment for the project.

Previous Projects

These are just a few bespoke projects that we have recently delivered.

We aspire to provide a great experience for your pupils during the project and leave you with a wonderful audio/visual piece of online content documenting the venture for your school to treasure for years to come.

Get in touch with us on workshops@wordplayeducation.co.uk for a quote on a Bespoke Audio Project to fit your requirements.

"It feels very professional - the kids loved the sound effects especially" - Trish, Activities Coordinator at SIGNAL Family Support