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Episode #2 of The WordPlay Podcast – Out Now!

Last week we popped down to Brighton to record the 2nd edition of The WordPlay Podcast, which this month was hosted by the wonderful Lynn Ruth Miller.

As well as having experienced almost everything, ever, Lynn Ruth was a great choice to host the podcast being both a writer and performer. The episode includes top tips, news about what’s going on in the world of WordPlay, and a reading of one of Lynn Ruth’s short stories.

The episode ends with the ‘Pick of the Plays’ feature where our host chose her favorite parts of the plays recorded on our Radio Drama Making Workshop over May 2016.

To hear the full podcast just search ‘The WordPlay Podcast’ on iTunes, or listen right here on Mixcloud.

We’re all Talk!

Last week, we were interviewed by Yap Audio’s main man, Matthew. He found us on twitter and asked politely if we would like to appear on his podcast – The Audio Drama Production Podcast, and of course we said yes!

In his own words, this is a “podcast covering all aspects of writing, recording and creating audio drama. Whether you are a completely new to the medium or have been producing for decades, the Audio Drama Production Podcast aims to help and inspire you towards creating more content, offering opinions, answering questions and providing a platform for you to contribute to the discussion”.

Check out our full interview with Matthew on itunes talking about the importance of live radio drama, how we deal with lively excitable children, and Matthew’s surprise to hear that we have a podcast of our own!

Click here!

If you haven’t listened to our podcast yet, here is our very first episode in all it’s glory:

WordPlay Podcast Episode 1: Village Books

WordPlay In Alfriston

WordPlay Studio Out On The Streets Of Alfriston

On Saturday we popped up our pop-up radio studio on the streets of Alfirston in East Sussex. Giving the local residents and passing walkers a chance to get behind the microphone. We were located directly outside of the brilliant Much Ado Books, who are hosting a weekend of both children and adult WordPlay workshops in just under three weeks time.

Over the day we were lucky enough to capture the following recordings: an interview with local celebrity Sylvia, a weather reporter, Martha a young animal impersonator / singer and a poetry performer. Take a listen to what we heard on the day –


If you fancy taking up the WordPlay challenge in Alfriston at Much Ado Books head over to our events page where you can secure tickets to both children’s and adult workshops that we’re running over the weekend of 19/20th March.

WordPlay The Field Feb

Children’s Workshop at The Field, New Cross

This morning we put on our radio drama making workshop in New Cross’ wonderful community run space – The Field.  It was a great morning of writing and broadcasting with two groups taking up the radio challenges.

The Field Broadcast

As well as being a perfect space for performance, The Field (alongside today’s weather) lent itself particularly well to hearing the plays. As each group performed in the studio the rest of us and a few parents were out in the front garden listening to the LIVE broadcast around the WordPlay radio. This was extra special today, as listeners could catch glimpses of the actors in the studio through the window – see above.

The Field Broadcast Response

Additionally we were also streamed the live shows online and had great listener numbers and even a few messages from enthusiastic radio fans tuning in at home – check the messages above!

To hear the plays again in full just head over to our Hear The Plays page, for detail on The Field check out their website and for our live online broadcasts take a peak at our MIXLR page.


Twisted Valentine Edition

Happy Anti Valentines Day

Yesterday we spent the afternoon in South London’s Peckham Pelican running a ‘Twisted Valentine’ themed radio drama writing challenge. Additionally it was World Radio Day, so we got involved broadcasting our plays LIVE in the venue and to the world online.

Three groups were up against the clock writing in the bar, before stepping into our pop-up radio studio to broadcast a live performance of their plays. We had a great mixture of stories ranging from a naked granny to DCI pig.

To them all head over to our Hear The Plays page.

Script Writing

Taking on the script writing challenge at The Peckham Pelican. 

WP Peckham Pelican Group C IMAGE

One of the day’s finished plays.

National Storytelling Week

To celebrate National Storytelling week, today we have been listening to some of our favourite stories in audio, be that an audiobook, or in this case a band who tell stories to music.

Sadly The Hat are no longer together, but we saw them a couple of times in 2009. Amongst their own stories, they did this great cover of Roald Dahl’s short story: The Sound Machine, check it out!








The Milkman

The Challenge:

Challenge Items

We challenge you to turn a Citroën 2CV, an old photo of people on the beach, lyrics from Mamma Mia & a Cards Against Humanity card simply labelled ‘The Milkman’ into a Radio Play.

Samantha and her friends took up the challenge…

Close your eyes and delve into a world of  milkmen, murders, beaches and Abba! This private party involved these objects and experimentation with rice, celery, rulers and milk to produce a Radio Play, ‘The Milkman’.

The Milkman

WordPlay Down Under

Hand luggage packed with microphones, wires and all things audio, the WordPlay team plucked up the courage to sit on a flying train for 24 hours to explore the audio of Australia.

Alongside our regular blog posts, we will pepper in Australian tidbits throughout – aren’t you lucky!

To kick off, here are some mini soundscapes on the plane…


WordPlay Australia Soundscape 1 WordPlay Australia Soundscape 2

and on the beach…