Mackerel Stew With Keira!

In July 2017, Harris Girls' Academy East Dulwich asked us (and our pesky microphones) to create a podcast for their annual East Dulwich Literary Festival. The theme this year is Feast, so naturally we involved food... and in this case, a very tasty mackerel stew!

Keira, a pupil at Harris Girls' Academy, teamed up with her 'assistant / best friend', Anya, to cook this delightful dish and we were lucky enough to capture all the sizzling sounds of the cooking and heard Keira's heartfelt story as to why this meal is so meaningful to her.

Check out Keira's story & recipe below:

"Thanks so much! I just binged on all three files and I’m delighted" - Virginie Clark, Educational Events Co-ordinator Harris Girls' Academy East Dulwich