"Thanks both for a fantastic workshop that the children thoroughly enjoyed" - Mr Orton, Dog Kennel Hill Primary School

Writing for radio encourages pupils to think outside the box - their audience will not see them, so pupils cannot rely on visuals, body language or facial expressions when performing their radio play. This workshop will develop story-writing skills on a broader level, reaching a wider range of audiences. In groups, the children will need to work closely together to create settings, characters, plots (and sound effects) in a timely manner in order to get rehearsing, performing and LIVE on air - a writing challenge we hope you will take up!

Our radio drama workshop challenges groups of children against the clock to collaboratively script a short radio play making use of prior knowledge of scene setting, introducing characters, and narrative structure. As part of the challenge, groups are given a mystery box containing objects which must feature within their scripts and are required to think creatively about specific sound effects that will bring their stories to life.

With scripts complete, the groups are introduced to our professional pop-up radio studio and are brought up to speed on studio practice, particularly microphone technique. Rehearsal time in the studio allows for the transformation of written language into broadcast quality radio. Time is also spent mastering the art of Foley (sound effects) in the studio and putting ideas and concepts into practice.

With the plays rehearsed, revised and up to scratch, the class assembles around the WordPlay radio listening to each group broadcasting a live performance of their work. On certain occasions the live transmission is also streamed online allowing family, friends and classmates all to tune in. All performances are recorded and made available after the event.