Not only do we work with organisations on bespoke projects, we also run birthday parties and can pretty much do anything radio related that tickles your fancy! Grace, who has just recently turned 13 asked us if we would help her and all her friends produce their own live radio show for her birthday. Of course we said yes!

During the run-up to the party, we were very busy making challenge cards & creating audio invitiations to send to all of Grace's friends.

Take a listen to The Round About Now Show on FFP Radio:

Setting Up the Studio!

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The Fab Birthday Cake!

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The Challenge Requirements!

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Each group produced three features to include in the final live show - from news & travel to celebrity interviews, The Round About Now Show had the lot!
"Thanks so much again for the party – and for the amazingly quick turnaround on uploading the radio show. We listened to it again this evening, and it was still making us laugh. Grace says it was the best most awesome party she could have wished for. You both put such a huge amount of care and thoughtfulness into the party, from the personalised audio invitations to the team challenges, to the picture of the cake on the link! And I have no idea how you pulled everything together so quickly into the final show" - Ceri, Grace's Mum