“We chose gravel for digging a grave, a pair of shoes for footsteps, a horn for the car, and boxes for shutting the car door. This is something I have never done before, but I actually really enjoyed it” - Emma

Designed with Schools in Mind

With a background working in schools and the education sector, we know just how important it is to keep children actively involved in their learning. With this in mind, WordPlay offer educational and dynamic audio arts workshops to schools and organisations aimed at echoing and supporting your teaching in literacy, computing, media & the arts. WordPlay encourage children and young people to think about writing, performance and collaboration from an audio perspective.
Both Leon & Zoe at WordPlay have enhanced DBS checks.

Script, perform & broadcast your own LIVE radio play in our unique challenge!

In groups, pupils are challenged against the clock to script a one-off radio drama using our 'challenge objects' as inspiration before hopping into the pop-up recording studio to broadcast their live play, complete with DIY sound effects.

Let’s collaborate to create the perfect bespoke audio project for your school!

Whether you have an exciting audio project in mind, or you need an extra helping hand, we can create a tailor-made WordPlay project for your pupils to embrace the power of audio in class, at the school fair, or even out and about.

Podcast Training to get pupils producing professional audio!

Pupils are taught how to record and produce their own podcast, learning microphone etiquette and picking up several audio tips and tricks along the way. Working with the WordPlay team, your school will gain the necessary skills to keep on podcasting into the future. We can also give you advice on suitable audio equipment for your school.

The workshops are designed to be inclusive of all abilities within the group. However we can work with you to extend your gifted and talented pupils, support children with SEN and Speech & Language Difficulties. We will work closely with your teaching staff before the workshop, ensuring all children are actively involved regardless of ability and reading / writing levels, and adapt the workshop if necessary to meet the needs of your pupils.

If you have a specific topic, theme or audio project in mind, please email workshops@wordplayeducation.co.uk with your ideas - we would love to hear from you!

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“My favourite part was performing because it was quite intense. It was pretty cool” - Fin, aged 12