WordPlay The Field Feb

Children’s Workshop at The Field, New Cross

This morning we put on our radio drama making workshop in New Cross’ wonderful community run space – The Field.  It was a great morning of writing and broadcasting with two groups taking up the radio challenges.

The Field Broadcast

As well as being a perfect space for performance, The Field (alongside today’s weather) lent itself particularly well to hearing the plays. As each group performed in the studio the rest of us and a few parents were out in the front garden listening to the LIVE broadcast around the WordPlay radio. This was extra special today, as listeners could catch glimpses of the actors in the studio through the window – see above.

The Field Broadcast Response

Additionally we were also streamed the live shows online and had great listener numbers and even a few messages from enthusiastic radio fans tuning in at home – check the messages above!

To hear the plays again in full just head over to our Hear The Plays page, for detail on The Field check out their website and for our live online broadcasts take a peak at our MIXLR page.