... run audio, podcast & radio projects for children (and occasionally adults) across the UK.

Our radio drama workshops, training courses & podcast clubs take place in a range of wonderful settings such as schools, art galleries, independent bookshops, festivals, and your home!

“It involved brainstorming, planning and performing. I was surprised - I really enjoyed it as it brings out things I’ve not used before [like] playing around with foley artist stuff” - Dom

The Team…

Leon & Zoë co-founded WordPlay in 2015.

With combined skills, knowledge and experience in speech based radio and education, they aim to deliver fun, fast-paced audio workshops, bespoke projects, and radio parties for children and adults around the UK.

As a child Zoë was an avid reader, and as she became older spent her evenings and weekends working in bookshops and libraries. After school, she graduated with an Education degree gaining experience as a teaching assistant and then working full time delivering Speech & Language Therapy to various schools and clinics across London, with the NHS. In recent years, Zoë has been working for Listening Books - a charity providing a postal and internet-based audiobook service to members who are unable to read in the regular way due to a disability, illness or learning difficulty. Zoë is diabetic and runs 'Type One Writers' - a non-profit pen pal service for anyone living in the UK with Type 1 Diabetes.

Leon's obsession with radio started at an early age spending hours tuning through the available stations and dabbled with audio in any way that he could. He studied Fine Art experimenting with sound art and broadcasting throughout university. Simultaneously, his fascination with mainstream radio grew and with that he has spent hundreds of hours in the studio of community and hospital radio stations learning the ropes. Marrying his love of radio with his education in the arts, Leon's radio works have been transmitted on art stations around the globe (Resonance FM, WFMU New York, SoundArt Radio, BBC Three Counties, and BBC 5Live). Additionally, he works freelance as a producer and audio editor and is currently working for BBC Radio.

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