Over the course of one week, we trained a group of young budding radio stars in Folkestone to perform a radio play, build and brand their own radio station, design logos and jingles for the station and their shows, interview radio experts, carry out vox pops, edit pre-recorded content and finally broadcast their own live talk radio show!

The group came up with FX Heartbeat as their station name, with three subteams opting to discuss wildlife, conspiracy theories, and nuclear weapons - three very different and interesting topics!

Check out some of their video diaries throughout the week which were filmed at The Quarterhouse and out and about in Folkestone.
Their three talk radio shows were also broadcast live on The Quarterhouse Facebook page at the end of the week.

Video Diary: Day 1 & 2

Video Diary: Day 3

Video Diary: Day 4

Live Radio Show #1 Wildlife Watchers

Live Radio Show #2 Truth or Lie?

Live Radio Show #3 Nuke Radio